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Al Shiraa - Authorized Distributor - HIKVISION

Al Shiraa , the Authorized GOLD Distributor of HIKVISION ( First Choice for Security Professionals) in UAE , We provide wide range of it & security solutions such as CCTV camera, access control & biometrics solutions, time attendance system, IVR, video recording. Our products are designed to meet the best quality standards, reliability & safety features. From the very simple security surveillance task to large integrated access control solutions, today Al Shiraa promise to deliver the right technology to meet the challenges of today's modern business world.
With focused management approach, Al Shiraa has quickly identified, executed and excelled every planned product range to meet the growing demands of the industry. By working closely with its partners, Al Shiraa constantly improves technology, quality control and its operations.

Product Spotlight

8 MP(4K) IR Fixed Bullet Network Camera
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8 MP(4K) IR Fixed Dome Network Camera
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8 MP(4K) IR Fixed Turret Network Camera
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8 MP(4K) IR Fixed Bullet Network Camera
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8 MP(4K) IR Vari-focal Bullet Network Camera
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8 MP(4K) IR Vari-focal Dome Network Camera
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8 MP(4K) IR Vari-focal Turret Network Camera
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6 MP IR Fixed Cube Network Camera
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6 MP IR Fixed Mini Dome Network Camera
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6 MP IR Fixed Bullet Network Camera
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6 MP IR Fixed Dome Network Camera
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6 MP IR Fixed Turret Network Camera
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  • E-mail. info@alshiraauae.com

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Our Services

We deal with different kinds of CCTV cameras and monitoring equipment.

Analog CCTV Cameras

Analog High Definition technology is able to transmit HD video signal existing analog cable upto 500 meters; The adoption of advanced Y/C signal differentiation and analog signal filtering technology will effectively reduce the color noise on high frequency area with high quality videos.


Network Cameras

IP or Network Camera are high-leveled digital cameras are affordable and easy-to- managed video cameras for physical security and improved productivity. It uses computer networks to transmit image data and connects to the Web for remote controlling and viewing by a remote. There is variety of IP wired cameras


Digital Video Recorder

Our system can record analogue and ip camera video outputs simultaneously. It is very useful when we have to use low quality and high quality cameras. Its Camera Recording Capacity will differ on proportion of IP and analogue cameras. It functions also same for remote viewing like DVR.


24/7 Support

We add our unique solutions to any platform and improve its performance. Our support agents are available 24/7 for Phone, Chat or Ticketing support.
Tel. +971-6535 1774
Fax. +971-6535 1775
Email. info@alshiraauae.com

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We are geared up to be your most trusted business consultants and security equipment providers all over the globe.