Pluto fisheye Point to Point Enterprise Wireless Solutions

Pluto Fisheye is a Enterprise grade wireless device specially designed with integrated WIDE ANGLE panel antenna to offer wide area of coverage for point to multipoint applications without the use of expensive sector antenna.
Few country’s telecom regulatory authorities does not permit use of Omni antenna and sector antenna. In such situations it becomes very expensive and difficult to address requirement of P-MP applications where multiple CPE are required to be installed with central base station. Pluto Fisheye can actually act like a fully functional base stations with integrated panel antenna to offer wide angle coverage of Hplane (120°) Vplane (10°).
Pluto Fisheye is an extension of Pluto power family and offers all features and capabilities of Pluto power.
Carrier grade OS with 30% reduced overheads and rate set MIMO algo rhythm ensures high link stability, low latency wireless network with very high through put even at long distances.
Pluto Fisheye is designed for low & medium density Point to Multi Point Networks that require high bandwidth, huge data trafic including HD-quality video and other real-time applications. Pluto Fisheye is ideal for deployment in metropolitan and industrial areas likes (oilfields, mines, shipping ports, WISP, Education Campus etc..)

Flexible, high-capacity architecture

Pluto Fisheye offers Wide Choice of integrated antenna for flexible outdoor wireless deployments using the 2.199 – 2.499 GHz or 4.9GHz- 6.1Ghz frequency band including 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz ISM band. The device can be configured as AP /Client / Client Bridge / Mesh Repeater for WiFi Applications or as a point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and full mesh backhaul.

Intelligent wireless mesh routing

Integrated OTAi mesh OS, adaptive wireless OSLRD / STATIC routing technology supported by spanning tree protocol automatically optimizes trafic routes between wireless mesh routers and creates a truly adaptive mesh infrastructure. The mesh infrastructure adjusts dynamically to trafic levels and RF signal strength to ensure high availability and optimal performance.

Seamless mobility

Advanced algorithm of quick RF Routing and bridging capabilities of OTAi software allows Wi-Fi clients to move between wireless mesh routers in very less time (with in Threshold time ) maintaining a seamless connection for latency-sensitive applications, such as video and voice.

HD-quality video

Full Scale user friendly QoS with trafic shaping Presets, HD-quality video from mobile and fixed surveillance cameras, monitors and recording systems can be easily transported over Wireless network on Real time Basis, Say up to 30 frames per second.

Advanced Network Features

Other Advanced Network features Include VLAN Tagging, Firewall, NAT, Qos and Bandwidth management. The advance routing offers operating modes like Gateway / BGP / RIP2 & OSLR. (PPTP, L2TP, PPPoE) Server / Client & STATIC IP routing options. Unique DHCP forwarding option for fast Roaming, Authentication via captive portal, Integrated HotSpot Clients Likes Sputnik / Chilli Spots / HOTSPOT SYSTEM, (-96) RX Sensitive, STP protocols put the Pluto on the TOP of the index when compared with similar products available In market.