Aer omesh - Outdoor High Power Mesh AP / CPE

Aero mesh

is the most Advanced High Power Outdoor Access Point Equipped With Enterprise Grade Operating System.


Smart mesh device Aero does not require cable feed from core network unlike other outdoor Access Point. Aero mesh devices automatically connected to each other using sophisticated routing algorithm to form high speed mesh network with high throughput and low latency.
Aero mesh is specifically designed to effectvely satisfy wireless networking requirements of large campus (Colleges, Universities, Industrial Compounds & Resorts), Wireless Internet Services, Golf Club, Airports, SCADA Network, Video Surveillance, Street Lights / Energy Control Networks, Defense And Disaster Management Service where cabling is cost‐prohibitive.
Aero mesh offers a compact and light weight design with an N‐Male connector, and simply connects to any N‐Female connector without the need for RF cable assembly.
Aero mesh is powered by versatile state‐of‐the‐art software. The devices can be configured as an Access Point, Client, Client Bridge or Client Bridge+Fully functional VAP (Repeater).