Axis Modular cameras

Do you need to fit a camera into a small space? In an ATM machine, at a supermarket exit, or on board vehicles, for example? Or maybe you want to install multiple cameras near each other – and save some money? Either way, modular cameras from Axis are an excellent solution. A modular camera has two detached parts: A smaller sensor unit consisting of the image sensor and lens, and a main unit where image processing and network communication takes place. The sensor unit connects via cable to the main unit, so the two parts can be placed separately from each other. You can purchase conveniently bundled modular cameras, or you can choose to buy sensor units and main units separately. We offer main units with either one or four channels.


AXIS F Series

AXIS F Series offers flexible, high-performance HDTV cameras for extremely discreet indoor, outdoor and in-vehicle surveillance applications. They are ideal for ATMs (automated teller machines), banks, stores, hotels, as well as rugged environments such as emergency vehicles, buses, trams and trucks.


AXIS FA Series

AXIS FA Series is an attractively priced, high-performance modular camera series for multi-view surveillance, allowing you to discreetly monitor four closely situated indoor areas using one IP address. It is ideal for use in stores, banks, offices and airports.The series comprises one four-channel main unit (AXIS FA54) and four sensor units (AXIS FA1105 with a standard lens, AXIS FA1125 pinhole lens, AXIS FA3105-L Eyeball with built-in IR, and AXIS FA4115 Dome with a varifocal lens). The main unit can connect to four sensor units and has a powerful processor that can stream full frame rate HDTV 1080p videos from all four sensor units simultaneously.


AXIS P12 Network Camera Series

AXIS P12 Network Camera Series offers complete, cost-effective cameras with visual sensor (HDTV 720p/1080p) and thermal (208x156) units for exceptionally discreet indoor and outdoor surveillance. The design allows the cameras to easily blend in with the environment. The visual models are ideal for ATMs (automated teller machines), banks, stores, hotels, architectural buildings and offices. The thermal models allow for intrusion detection and incident identification without compromising individuals’ identities, ideal for schools or care homes.