Axis Specialty cameras

Axis Specialty cameras For unique needs and scenarios.With flexible mounting options, Axis specialty camera are easy and cost-effective to install. All our specialty cameras offer options for integrating Power over Ethernet (PoE), so there’s no need for expensive re-cabling.Even in the most demanding applications, you’ll find an Axis specialty camera tailored to your needs. For instance, AXIS P91 Series and AXIS Q8414-LVS can be installed in easy-to-reach areas such as parking buildings, and you can be confident that they’re safe and secure thanks to vandal-resistant IK10-rated casings. These casings are also IP66-rated to protect against dust and water.


AXIS P91 Network Camera Series

AXIS P91 Network Cameras are indoor, corner-mounted cameras specifically designed to provide the best field of view and ensure no area is left uncovered. These compact and discreet cameras deliver up to 3 MP resolution and are available in an elegant, brushed steel model (AXIS P9106-V Brushed Steel) and a ligature-resistant (also known as anti-ligature), matte white model (AXIS P9106-V White).
Installation is quick and easy with out-of-the-box optimized corner-to-corner coverage to save time and costs. Even in scenes with strong backlight, the combination of WDR and Zipstream means all the important details can be captured while lowering bandwidth and storage requirements by 50% or more.


AXIS Q8414-LVS Network Camera

The unique corner-mount camera lacks ligature points while the anti-grip design meets the requirements for installations in correctional and medical facilities where there is an increasing need to prevent self-harm and avoid internal conflicts. The camera is available in two color versions, powder coated white (AXIS Q8414-LVS White) and brushed stainless steel (AXIS Q8414-LVS Metal).The water resistant casing allows for water hose cleaning; soapy water, or any other multi-purpose cleaning agents. AXIS Q8414-LVS camera supports both IP66- and NEMA 4X-rating.