Data Backup and Replication

Is server downtime costing you dearly?
Minimize downtime with our data-back up and replication solutions designed to understand your data recovery requirements, data prioritization and recovery time objectives. Retain valuable data and eliminate archival redundancy.
Transfer data from remote offices to a central repository and optimize storage and bandwidth utilization.
Protect mission-critical data, drastically cut costs associated with backup and replication and use time spent on managing back-up processes to focus on core competencies.

Data Recovery Service in UAE

1. Windows Data Recovery
2. Mac Data Recovery
3. Linux Data Recovery
4. .EDB/.pst/.ost recovery
5. Email Recovery from MS Outlook & Outlook Express
6. RAID 0, RAID 5 & RAID 6 etc
7. Recovery from FAT16/.FAT32/NTFS/EXT2/EXT3/EXT4
9. RECOVERY FROM lost volumes
10. Recovery from Internal & External hard drives
11. Recovers all data lost due to ‘Deletion’ as well as ‘Formatting’ of the virtual drive
12. recovery of data from multi-disk including IDE, EIDE, and SCSI
13. Novell Data Recovery (NWFS)
14. Recovery of any EAFS and HTFS file system based volumes
15. Recovery of files, directories and volumes from any SCO UnixWare systems
16. Recovery from VxFS and UFS file system based UNIX volumes
17. Recovery of lost data from Solaris-Sparc 8 and newer versions of UFS file system
18. Recovery of Photos from hard disk, external storage devices, camera, Memory cards, CD, DVD
19. Recovery of formatted, lost or deleted data from iPod

Before You Backup Your Data
The procedure more often than not includes influencing a duplicate of all the required records in a capacity gadget to isolate from the inner space, so it can be utilized when the machine experiences information misfortune or harm.
While reinforcements are regularly used to manage a circumstance where the first set is pulverized or influenced, they can likewise enable a machine to backpedal to a specific time, where the client knows the required documents will be available.
For what reason Should You Backup Your Data?
Although the method is simple to use and almost everyone uses it as some point, it is not foolproof, in the sense that backing up will not necessarily take the user to the exact point before the loss.
Features such as autofill for credentials, software components, and the database server may restore differently. In order to preserve all of these settings, you would do best to enlist the services of a company to help you backup your data in Dubai.
One thing you may want to watch out for when backing up your devices is the storage space available on hand.
If a computer has limited hard disk space, most of it is going to be taken up by the version of data that is under use, which means backing up will require almost twice as much.
Clearing up the required space may be a problem, but can easily be remedied by using a external drive or flash storage device.
The use of a software designed specifically for the purpose will have several features built in, which will optimize the whole process, including compression, and avoiding copying the same item twice.
It is also good practice to test the storage device or software you will be using with a significant chunk of already archived data, to make sure the backup process is going to be successful.

Ransomware Data Recovery

Ransomware is an advanced malware that attacks both individuals & enterprises by locking or encrypting the files on computers. An enhanced virus or malicious code, Ransomware locks you out of your files or computer.
Ransomware virus can be removed though it is not an easy process. For ransomware removal, you should contact qualified and experienced professionals. However, If your Computer/laptop is infected with ransomware and the data is encrypted, Stellar data recovery can restore the data. The number of ransomware families is increasing everyday. As one of the leading data recovery companies, we assist in encrypted data recovery/ ransomware virus recovery.
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