Alpha Series of HAWT for SOHO/SMB

The Onnet ALFA Series Wind Turbines are Alternative Power Solution Systems are lightweight at less than 10.5kg and are designed for ease of installation and long service life.
The generator is a very low cogging force design for better performance in light winds and is packaged in a fully sealed die cast anodized aluminum enclosure.
There are no brushes to wear out or cause electrical noise and the bearings are sealed so the system is maintenance free. Theblades are glass reinforced polypropylene for high strength, UV resistance and fatigue resistance. The turbines are available in a 12V or 24V model to suit most commonly available domestic or industrial Invertors.
The permanent magnets used are Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) for higher power output.
The mounting is to the inside of the top of a 41mm ID standard pole. The hardware used is stainless steel for corrosion protection.
The Alpha series of Small HAWT(Horizontal Wind Turbines) ar ideally suited for rooftop or terrace mountings .
The Onnet Apha series are perfectly matched to supplement Onnet's Remote Off Grid Power Solutions for Enterprise networks and even for Passive Telecom Infrastructure.
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