IT Security Solutions

Technoxen has been contributing in the Gulf and Middle East offering IT security Solutions services and comes among the best with IT Security solution services provider In UAE.

Network and Application Protection:

Technoxen is helping companies with complete storm shield network protection that is built on the concept of multilevel collaborative security. The web application firewalls provide advanced defense against malicious sources, dos attacks, cookie poisoning and several other web application attacks.

Data Protection:

Technoxen helps companies in providing storms shield data protection which creates secured virtual environment for collaboration and networking. Now, you can store and retrieve the confidential data only with the users that are defined by you.

End Point Protection:

You all must know the vulnerability against the attacks these days. They are so powerful with unknown vulnerabilities and complex mechanism that they sophistically go undetectable in the operating system.
Technoxen is one of the IT security solution provider in UAE working on the unique storm shield endpoint protection to work against those sophisticated attacks. Now protect all your computers, terminals, workstations and server unknown threats by complete endpoint security full control/protect mechanism.

Secure Wi-Fi:

You can now secure your WIFI with Sophos Wi-Fi access point for secure Wi-Fi environments. It is a very simple deployment with Sophos central management console that gives the visibility of which users and traffic are using the excessive bandwidth to take necessary steps to improve the performance.

Secure Web Gateway:

It’s a complete web protection everywhere, and it comes in two options: Sophos web gateway and Sophos web appliance.

Secure Email Gateway:

There are two secure email gateways one can use.
Cloud Sophos email gateway
Sophos Email appliance with hardware and virtual appliance options for threat protection.