Managed AP & Controller

Technoxen is a frontline solution-provider in the wireless broadband space with a range of products for both indoor & outdoor applications with the widest frequency range, multi port radios with unmatched price advantage.
Technoxen indoor wireless products ranges from enterprise grade FAT AP to enterprise grade managed FIT AP with controller. Managed wireless solutions is built to handle 20 to 1000 user segment. The brake through solution is not only affordable but extremely easy to install and very user friendly when it comes to management of WLAN Network in small & medium business environment.
Technoxen enables businesses to set up a Wi-Fi network in less than 15 minutes supporting advanced security functions compliant with the Wi-Fi Alliance standards and providing the flexibility to secure the Wi-Fi network based on the administrative policies determined by cost conscious small & medium businesses. Previously, SMBs had two choices when it came to implementing Wi-Fi they could go with SoHo APs, which are sorely lacking in terms of business features such as RADIUS authentication, captive portal, VLAN integration and QoS, or they could go with feature-full, but very expensive and difficult to configure enterprise-class APs.
Technoxen offers the enterprise features that SMBs need including management and security without the pain of enterprise configuration, and all at an extremely competitive price.


  • Unified Communications Support
  • Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) for voice, video, and data
  • Best end-to-end quality of experience with state-of-the art Quality of Service
​Plug and play Setup
  • Simple setup
  • Template -driven administration
  • Automatic RF optimization
  • Automatic channel selection and power level for new APs
Advanced Voice Support
  • Toll -quality Voice over Wi-Fi
  • Fast roaming, even across switch and router boundaries
  • Continuous authentication for WPA2 clients
Easy to Upgrade
  • 802.11ac-ready
  • Seamless controller scalability up to 250 users and 25 APs