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We are provides single source pricing, product information and consultation for telecommunication equipment and Internet services. Technoxen is the revolutionary way to buy Technology and Internet services. Our methodology and core focus is saving you time and money. Our goal is to provide you with the best quote, based on your service needs at the best price.
We deliver the most effective network solutions for small to big scale of companies. Our company supplies a variety of network solution coming from the LAN/WAN System, Routing as well as Switching Local/Wide area, Wireless Networking, and Voice networking. We handle pro modern technologies including Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), System as well as exclusive virtual private network systems (VPNs) to access your network.
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We can take the simplest to the most complex IT solution and give you the best information on how this will work for you company.
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The best results comes from our ability to custom match our client with the vendor that best supports their needs. 100% satisfaction is key. Technoxen has 3 categories to which our vendors are rated: Price, Service Delivery, and Support. Our IT professionals are highly trained and experienced with the ability to assist you in finding the right solution, no matter the size or scope of your project. Our professionals are dedicated to providing you with the right solution, the best price and a service provider you can trust.

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Cloud computing and storage
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Secure wireless networking

Network Switch

A network switch is one of the basic components of a computer network that connects different segments and devices to each other. It is otherwise known as a multi-port bridge that processes and routes data on the several memory layers of the system. It can receive any message from any unit connected to it, and then transmit it to the component it was intended for. It is an upgraded version of a hub. A switch is more intelligent than an Ethernet hub, which simply retransmits packets out of every port of the hub except the port on which the packet was received, unable to distinguish different recipients, and achieving an overall lower network efficiency.
A modern switch may implement power over Ethernet (PoE), which avoids the need for attached devices, such as a VoIP phone or wireless access point, to have a separate power supply. Since switches can have redundant power circuits connected to uninterruptible power supplies, the connected device can continue operating even when regular office power fails.