Omni Antenna

Onnet Technologies Offers Industries Best Quality outdoor Antenna .
Onnet Antenna offers Perfect Gain Output & Excellent coverage .
Tough Weather proof Design and precision Component Selection makes Onnet Antenna the most preferred choice ..
Onnet Antenna Are Manufactured at Various places like ISRAIEL , INDIA , Taiwan , Turkistan, China ..
Omni Antenna is generally used For 360 degree Carpeting
( WI Fi coverage for Point to Multipoint Connectivty over Wide Area)
H Plan is always 360 Degree for Omni Antenna . Wider the V plane lesser the BLACK SPOT .
V Plane Angle of Antenna and Height of Placement of the antenna defines the Maximum Coverage.
For The Purpose of P-MP Installations you are advised to install these antenna 10 Ft Above the average building heights For Wi FI Installation / Hot Spot Installation where coverage is required for hand held devices or Web surfing it is recommended that antenna are placed in Such a way that its vertical Plane has the maximum impact .
Omni Outdoor Antenna are used for applications like providing Wireless LAN / HOT- SPOT Fixing / Point to Mulytiple applications on BOATS / WAREHOUSES /CAMPUS /VILLA ./RESORTS /BEACHES / SPORTS STADIUMS /P-MP Installations of WISP / Office / Corporate / Police / Surveillance vehicles / Construction Sites