Onnet Ethernet Surge Protector

Power Over Ethernet Is The Most Common Apoplication these days and many manufacturer are Making Devices with PoE Ready products .
The LOng Laid CAT5 Cables / Outdoor Installation of devices / Hanging Cabling are prone to catch High Elevctrical surges during monsoon and other seasons. Even Fluctuations in the electrical supply or short circiut in the office network may lead to deadly surge for the devices.
Onnet Offers Most COMPACT / Sensitive / Plug and Play / Ruggedise Surge Protector that is not only cost effective but also works very effectively.
The ONET -ESP-100-POE are a low cost Ethernet surge protector to help protect sensitive equipment from surges caused by lightning and grid power fluctuations. They have a full metal body for improved EMI suppression and have integral mounting feet and separate ground wire. They are designed for indoor or outdoor use inside a weatherproof enclosure. The Onet -ESP-100-POE is compatible with POE systems up to 48V. The Onet- ESP-100-POE24 is for POE systems up to 24V. Protection is provided on all 8 CAT5 wires.