Onnet Outdoor Dual Power Tough UPS

ONNET Technologies present Industry's One and Only OUTDOOR UPS Solution that is COMPACT / USER FRIENDLY / VERY LONG Product LIFE and Works Under Toughest Situations .
Onnet Is a Green Initiative Compnay and hense we have Designed this product very carefully .
The MAJOR Application of ONNET TOUGH UPS is
1) BASIC Installation : It takes PoE In , Offers High Power PoE Out of Choice ( 35 W / 2 A) + One 12 /24 V DC Output to support up to another Device like Camera / Sensors / AP / CPE .
BACK Up Plan is Fully Flexible and can be desiged for even 48 Hours / 72 Hours of Working to Meet Harsh Enviournments The batteries of the UPS are Chrged by PoE Inputs and Backs up when ever Mains is Failure.
2) Never Failure Installation : ONNET Tough UPS comes with Integarted SOLAR Charge Controller & U can Connect 12/24 V any type of solat Panels up to 130 W It will Treat SOLAR Power as Primary and Use to charge Batteries & Supply to equipments connected on PoE
In case SOLAR Fails It takes oven on PoE / Power and continue Charging Batteries / supply devices
In case both Power Fails it takes on UPS and Minimum Back up is 4 Hours
3) Remote Power Solutiomn : Just Add SOlar Panels as required dependig on required Power . Up to 10 A / 100 AH Battreis can be Charged easily SOlar Panel and Battrey capacity can be planned as per LOAD and Back up required .
35 W / 2 A With its desire to design and deliver innovative products The Onnet Remote Power Plus series outdoor power systems are designed for applications that require a back up power source in order to maintain Uninterrupted services.
The weatherproof enclosures have a generous amount of space inside and a removable mounting plate for mounting all types of customer electronics.
All enclosures are hinged and gasket sealed. The Onnet Power Plus series of Tough Outdoor UPS come in two types of Industrial Grade Enclosures, the Polycarbonate enclosure can accept a padlock or tamper seal. The Die Cast Aluminium enclosure is equipped with 2 tamper proof closures that are operated by a special key (included).
The enclosures can be easily mounted to a wall or pole with the included mounting bracket system.
Customer electronics operate from battery power so they are isolated from damaging power line surges. The batteries are continuously charged via the POE input and/or Mains Power (using our POE Adaptor).
The Onnet Power Plus series of Outdoor UPS can be configured in 12V,18V, 24V or 48 V POE outputs and can supply various battery back up times depending on customer requirements.
The smart controller also has a secondary wire terminal output which equals the battery voltage for connecting multiple pieces of equipment to the battery power, in addition to the POE output.
If you are a System Integrator or a WISP or are in the Electronics Survellience & Security Business, please contact us for more infromation on our customised solutions for your outdoor Uninterrupted power back up requirments.