Outdoor AP /CPE -OAP4961

Onnet Outdoor AP / CPE are designed with finest Enclosure that is Water proof / UV protected and Dust proof .
The Device Can have Both Integrated MIMO Antenna or can be with external Antenna Connectivty for Long Distance Applications Best Suitanble for P-P and P_MP Applications up to 20 KM with Actual TCP/ IP Throughput from 70 -100 mbps Industry's Best Designed MIMO antenna Makes greate difference in terms of Performance and Throughput .
The Performance remains stable for years w/o any loss in data throughput or signal quality.
The extended range of Frequency allows user to take advantage of Frequency Polluted area and establish High Throughput , stable connectivty .
Special Designed Mounting barckets allows user to even align vertically in case of angular installation / heighjt difference between two locations Onnet AP / CPE has additional advantage of having DUAL LAN PORT with PoE Cascading means One Can connect additional Accesspoint / IP camrea or any IP Device which is PoE Enabled . This reduces additional Cabling and power requirements .
In case of Self {Powered or UPS Based Installation it becomes Plug and Play , Cable free Installation .