Passive POE Injector with LED

The ONet-POE-INJ-S are a series of low cost Power Over Ethernet (POE) Inserters to insert POE power to a CAT5 Ethernet data cable on the unused Ethernet pins 4,5(+) and 7,8(-).
The unique ONet-POE-INJ-LED-S has power on and current indicator LED’s. The Power LED shows that DC power (12V to 24V) is being supplied to the inserter through the DC jack. The Current LED shows that a POE device is plugged in at the end of the CAT5 Ethernet cable up to 100m (330ft) away from the inserter.
The ONet-POE-SPLT-S accepts POE power on the RJ45 jack and splits the DC Power to a DC connector and data to the RJ45 Plug. Useful for devices that are powered via a DC power jack.
The ONet-POE-YSPLT-S accepts POE power on the RJ45 Jack and provides power on the DC connect and provides power and data on the RJ45 Plug. Useful for powering multiple devices from a single POE source.
The unique ONet-POE-XOVER-S converts the output from a standard polarity POE source to a reverse voltage output. Pins 4,5(-) and 7,8(+). Useful for devices that require a reverse POE voltage such as Canopy. Works with standard POE Switches, POE inserters (including POE-INJ-S and POE-INJ-LED-S) and POE midspan devices.