Axis Fixed Dome cameras

Fixed dome cameras from Axis are compact cameras with a dome casing. They fit unobtrusively into any setting. Their dome casings, which protect against redirection, defocusing and impact, also disguise which way the cameras are pointing. We offer an extensive range of fixed dome models for indoor and outdoor use, covering every kind of environment, day and night.


AXIS M30 Network Camera Series

AXIS M30 Series is a sleek, smart, and affordably priced camera series ideally suited for retail, hotels, schools, banks and offices with tight budgets for video surveillance. All cameras are easy to install and offer excellent video performance. Models are available in both indoor and outdoor-ready versions.


AXIS M31 Network Camera Series

AXIS M31 Series gives you built-in IR illumination in an attractively priced series of mini domes. A new flat-faced design suppresses light reflections to provide the best possible image usability. There are both indoor and outdoor models available.


AXIS P32 Network Camera Series

AXIS P32 Series consists of vandal resistant domes for indoor and outdoor installation. They meet both the quality and cost demands of the market, while at the same time being easy to use and operate. New models now feature Forensic WDR, the Mk II models feature WDR – Forensic Capture and they all have Axis Lightfinder technology, as well as Axis Zipstream technology, whereas some of the models are also equipped with OptimizedIR, which provides an adaptable angle of IR illumination and discreet integration of IR LEDs for automatic illumination of a scene in complete darkness. AXIS P32 cameras have a varifocal lens, P-Iris control and day/night functionality. While streamlined in design, they are robust with IK10-rated outdoor models and IK08-rated indoor models.


AXIS P33 Network Camera Series

The P33 Series is a lineup of full-featured indoor and outdoor-ready fixed domes designed for efficient installation.Their protective casings and unobtrusive design make fixed dome cameras ideal for video surveillance in exposed areas such as airports, subways, retail stores, schools and university campuses.